You can install Meiosis in a variety of ways:

Let's look at each option in more detail.

Using a plain <script> tag

You can add Meiosis to your HTML page by downloading the JavaScript file from the Meiosis builds page. Save it to your project, and load it with a <script src="..."></script> tag.

You can then access Meiosis using the global variable meiosis.

Using bower

If you have installed Bower, you can add Meiosis to your project using:

bower i --save meiosis

You can then use Meiosis directly with a <script> tag as above.

Using RequireJS

After downloading Meiosis using one of the methods above, you can also use RequireJS.

Using the Node.js package manager

If you have installed Node.js, you can use npm to install Meiosis:

npm i --save meiosis

You can then load Meiosis using:

var meiosis = require("meiosis");

If you are using ES6, you can also use:

import meiosis from "meiosis";

or even:

import { createComponent, run } from "meiosis";

You are now ready to use Meiosis.

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