Creating Actions

As we saw in the counter example from the previous chapters, Meiosis passes propose to your view and ready functions. You can call propose to trigger a proposal. Your receive function gets called with the proposal and decides how to change the model.


In the counter example, the proposal that we send is { add: 1 }. The receive function then adds that value to the counter.

Another option would be to use union-type to define possible proposals. The receive function would then look like:

var Action = Type({ ... });

var receive = function(model, proposal) {
  }, proposal);

In any case, you might prefer to hide the details of proposals from the view. For that, you can create an actions object.

Specifying the actions Object

You can create the actions object to encapsulate the details of how you construct proposals. You might prefer having these specific functions for your actions, instead of just one generic propose function. Further, you might decide to encapsulate calls to services (AJAX calls, for example) within these actions.

This allows to encapsulate the details of what proposal to send. The view can call named functions directly. In the counter example, this would mean calling functions like actions.increaseCounter() and actions.decreaseCounter() instead of propose({ add: 1 }).

To create the actions object, simply write a function that accepts propose as a parameter and returns an object with the actions that you wish to make available. For example:

var actions = function(propose) {
  return {
    increaseCounter: function() {
      propose({ add: 1 });
    decreaseCounter: function() {
      propose({ add: -1 });
    addValue: function(value) {
      propose({ add: value });

Then, specify the function when creating the component:

var Main = createComponent({
  view: ...,
  actions: actions

Now, instead of propose, the view and ready functions will be given the actions object and be able to call actions.increaseCounter(), actions.decreaseCounter(), and actions.addValue(value).


The todomvc, todo-list, and rocket-laucher examples create actions objects.

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