Application State

In the previous section, we saw how to specify the model. This is the single source of truth. All properties of the model should be independent. However, the view may need additional properties for convenience. These properties depend on other properties of the model. In other words, they are computed properties. When the model changes, these properties should also change accordingly.

With Meiosis you can specify a state property when calling the run function. This property should be a function of the model and return the application state, that is, everything that the view needs.

The State Function in Components

Similarly to initialModel, the state function can be specified in run as well as in createComponent. Just as with initialModel, for the state function run is the starting point and createComponent gives each component the possibility to augment the application state.

When you specify a state function in createComponent, it gets passed the model and the state. Remember that the starting point for the state is the function passed to run. Each component then adds more computed properties to the state, and returns it.

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